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 With over 30 years in the industry, you can expect to receive prompt and reliable service from our licensed and insured plumbers. Check out some of our services below:

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ADA Roll-in Showers

ADA Roll-in Showers are designed to create wheelchair-accessible shower. ADA Guidelines specify a minimum inside shower dimension of 60” x 30” to allow enough room for someone to enter the shower in a wheelchair or shower chair. ADA Roll-in Showers can be larger.

Dishwasher Hook-Up

Connecting a new dishwasher requires a water supply connection and a drain line connection.


Garbage Disposal Repairs & Replacements

We have explained to family members the hows and whys of using a garbage disposal and they still throw chicken bones, potato peels, pasta, and anything else they don’t want to throw into the actual garbage into the disposal. Also people don’t use enough water. While it’s necessary for plumbers to install and repair great products, it is equally important to educate the consumer on the proper use.

Ice Maker Hook-Up

Run small diameter water piping to the ice maker line.


New Construction

As a full-service plumbing company, Russo Plumbing is equipped to handle new construction in large and small structures. New construction plumbing includes the proper planning and installation of piping, shut-off valves and fixtures.

Shower Valve Repair and Replacement

This is very similar to lavatory and kitchen faucet repair. Most major brands of shower valves can be repaired even if they are 20 years old. If a shower valve needs to be replaced it takes a bit more skill. You may have to open up the wall to increase the size of the valve opening so you can work effectively inside the plumbing wall.


Toilet Repairs & Replacements

This encompasses changing the inside of the tank type flushing mechanism, removing and resetting a toilet leak at the floor, repairing or replacing the flush handle. This can also include removing and replacing the closet flange that the toilet mounts on to. This can get tricky in older homes. Many times closet flanges especially if they are cast iron, can corrode and need to be repaired using a spanner flange or they need to be completely replaced.


Water Heater Repair & Replacements

Not every water heater malfunction necessitates the need for a new water heater. A plumbing service technician should be well versed in repairs to thermocouples, burner cleaning, expansion tank replacement, and T&P valve replacement. If your water heater is leaking you almost always need a replacement.

Camera Locating/Video Camera Location

A cable with a camera on the end is inserted into a sewer line and a break or blockage can be seen and the location can be pinpointed along with the pipe depth. We will give you a video card of your sewer.



Water provides bottle-quality, clear drinking water straight from the tap. In the kitchen, cleaner water will likely enhance the flavor of coffees and teas, soups, and pasta. Bathing on a daily basis with whole house water.


Gas Hook-Up

If you are looking to have a new gas appliance installed or need a gas line run at your home or business, you need a professional. We can run gas to water heaters, dryers, ranges, gas grills, and generators.

Lavatory & Kitchen Sink Faucet Repair

Many lavatory and kitchen sink faucets, especially the major brands can be repaired. Ask questions. If your lavatory or kitchen sink is 35 years old maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Russo Plumbing can do both, repair if possible or replace.

Sewer & Drain Clean

To keep the sewer line in working condition and efficiently taking away wastewater, it is necessary to keep the sewer free from obstructions that can prevent optimum flow conditions in the pipes. Improper flow can lead to problems over time such as severely clogged pipes, corrosion, backups, overflows, and unpleasant odors. 


Tankless Water Heater

Even though tankless water heaters have been around since the mid to late 90’s many plumbing service contractors don’t install them or aren’t comfortable installing them. Mostly because they haven’t been educated on proper installation and service needs. We install Rinnai tankless water heaters.


Waste and Over Flow Repair or Replacement

If the waste and overflow have deteriorated behind the tub you have to replace it from in the back of the tub or below the tub. What access do you have? Do you have a basement or crawlspace below the bathroom? Does the tub back up to a closet? If it’s just the gasket in the back of the tub you can replace it.


Water Softener System

Installed, your whole house can benefit from the improvements of clean water.

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